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RemediaTherapy is no longer at Healthy Life Fitness Centre and the new location Coming Soon to Alkimos is still under construction. Please be aware of the following:

Only Mobile Treatments Available For Now

(Treatments at your house)

Only Ivan is Available as Therapist 

Servicing from Yanchep to Hillarys

Please Ensure Enough Space is Available Before Booking (2.5m x 1.5m minimum)

Please Allow Slight Flexibility on Appointment Time (+/- 15 mins due to different travel distances)

If you are still able to book, then click below and enjoy Top Quality Remedial Massage at the convenience of your house :)

We Strongly Believe that through client education of Anatomy and Movement, Many conditions are highly treatable avoiding unnecessary surgeries or steroidal injections. With our clients health sworn as top priority, we pursue progress. If progress is not being achieved for reasons unknown, we may try a different approach or refer ONLY to TRUSTED Allied Health Professional according to the situation.


We strive to provide you with Top Quality Treatments, whether it's Sports or Remedial. Massage improves quality of life through regaining lost range of motion, increased recovery rate, increased blood circulation, stress relief just to list a few. 


Please select a therapist, each therapist has their own skill set & availabilities.

I am a qualified Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist.

I use a Range of Techniques from Dry Needling to Myofascial Cupping, however the bread and butter has always been Manual Release (Trigger Points, Pin & Stretch, Myofascial Release etc.), Partner Assisted Stretching (PNF, MET), joint mobilisation (not cracking joints), among many others.

As a powerlifting enthusiast, I have a special interest in treating people living active lifestyles, from body builders to triathletes... Everyone is bound to run in to pains and aches when you push your limits, I want to be there to help you get back to what you love doing ASAP and prevent injuries from occurring. What beats Rehab? Good Prehab! Treat the niggle before it's an injury.


Remedial Massage
Uses a variety of techniques to Primarily Improve Posture, ROM - Range Of Motion (Flexibility), Movement Patterns
Reduce Pains and Aches stemming from Muscle Tension, Fascial Restrictions, Impingements, Nerve/Venous Compression
In turn this will Aid in Injury Prevention and Promote Blood Flow which promotes healing to injuries/micro injuries, reducing muscle soreness and assisting in flushing of waste products in muscles and lymphatic system.

Sports Massage
Pre Event - 
Useful for any of the reasons as remedial massage 3-4 days before a competitive event. Also useful for preparing and warming muscles just prior to the event, pre-activation drills can be used to help prime the nervous system to fire muscles during the event.
Intra Event (NOT OFFERED HERE) - Useful for injury prevention on niggly muscles, quickly flush wastes from muscles reducing fatigue ad soreness. perfect for half time in competitive sports.
Post Event - Useful for flushing out waste from muscles, getting you back to training quicker by recovering sooner. This is more similar to a relaxation style massage, medium pressure flushing strokes with some passive stretching involved.


Client Experiences


This massage really helped with my injury, Thanks a lot Ivan!

Ray Matillano


0499 611 659