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We are a new Remedial Massage clinic based out of Healthy Life Fitness Centre in Whitfords. We are currently a small team with big dreams, with warm hearts and friendly smiles we welcome our clients in and are glad to see them moving and feeling better.

We Strongly Believe that through client education of Anatomy and Movement, Many conditions are highly treatable avoiding unnecessary surgeries or steroidal injections. With our clients health sworn as top priority, we pursue progress. If progress is not being achieved for reasons unknown, we may try a different approach or refer ONLY to TRUSTED Allied Health Professional according to the situation.

We strive to provide you with Top Quality Treatments, whether it's Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue or Relaxation. Massage improves quality of life through increasing blood circulation, improving lost range of motion, increased recovery rate, stress relief just to list a few. While our focus is in Sports & Remedial massage, Swedish is the bread and butter and will always be offered.. Beside who doesn't like to relax after a stressful week?




Sports Massage Has Been Removed to Avoid Confusion. The Following Purposes Of Sports Massage Are Similar Effort Levels For The Therapist As The Indicated Treatment And Will Be Priced The Same. Please Book Indicated Treatment And Make The Therapist Aware At Appointment.

- Speedier Recoveries From Events/Competition - Select Swedish Relaxation Or Deep Tissue.

Increased Blood Flow Permits Wastes To Be Removed From Muscles & Nutrients To Be Restored To Muscles Quicker.

Relaxation If Your Sore (Same Day, Day After)

Deep Tissue If You Are Not Sore And Wish To Also Loosen Muscle Tension (Minimum Of One Day Later).

- Event Or Comp Preparation - Select Swedish Deep Tissue.

Real Pre-Event Massage Should Be Done Just Prior To Game/Event. Still There Is Great Benefits To Be Achieved Even Up To Two Days Prior To An Event If There Is No Therapist Present On Game Day.

Increased Blood Flow Allows For Quicker Removal Of Lactic Acid & Quicker Intake Of Nutrients.

Loosened Muscles & Lubricated Joints Greatly Reduce Your Chance Of Injury.

If This Is Done Just Prior To Your Event/Comp, Being Run Through An Isometric Contraction Routine Will Greatly Aid Warm-Up By Betting The Nervous System Prepped & Ready To Fire. Also Being Taken Through Full Ranges Of Motion Will Benefit Joint Lubrication And Mobility.

- For Improvement In Functionality/Range Of Motion - Select Remedial. 

With Constant Vigorous Training, It Is Not Uncommon To Lose Range Of Motion, Compress Nerves/Blood Vessels, Encounter 'Niggles' & Strains, Fascial Tension/Adhesion, Joint Pain Or Muscular Imbalances.

Remedial Incorporates Postural/ROM & Certain Orthopedic Assessments To Propose A Targeted Treatment.

Treatments Include Muscle Releasing, 'Corrective' Strengthening, Rehab Exercises, Stretching Along With Client Education To Aid The Journey To A Better Functional Body.


Client Experiences


This massage really helped with my injury, Thanks a lot Ivan!

Ray Matillano


Shop 63 Whitford City Shopping Centre Whitfords, Inside Healthy Life Fitness Centre

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