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Location: Located inside Healthy Life Fitness Centre at Shop 63 Whitford City Shopping Centre Westfield Whitford City, Hillarys 6025


Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage aims to reduce pain and restore mobility. A remedial treatment can decrease muscle tension, lengthen muscles, break away fascial adhesions and above all else, help equip you with knowledge on prevention and self care!

Muscle tension can cause uneven forces acting upon a joint, compression of nerves/blood vessels, joint mobility restrictions, increase tension on tendons along with many other painful issues.

Fascial tension and adhesions can also cause pain and mobility loss, one of the more common conditions being plantar fasciitis. One of the main roles of fascia is to facilitate movement between muscles. For various reasons (past injuries, lack of movement) the fascia can get 'stuck' and actually limit movement between muscles or even produce restrictions over multiple joints.

Pain is our bodies alarm system!

If your having trouble reaching up for that glass in the cupboard every morning or squatting with knee/hip pain, then theres a very high chance that something isn't moving right...

Pushing past these signs and symptoms is like people driving their car with the check engine light on for 3 months. You're asking for trouble, just remember you can't buy a new body when this one breaks down.

The good news is there is something you can do about it!

Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage

Just lay there, close your eyes and drift off with soothing music, easing aromas while receiving a relaxing Swedish massage that will leave you drooling...

The benefits of a relaxation massage include, reduced stress, ease depression & anxiety, improved blood flow, improved muscle soreness recovery along with many others.

Deep tissue massage is basically a relaxation massage with firmer pressure and a slight focus on knots if you desire. 

Mobile Massage

We understand that either transport or the pain can prevent some people from making it to the clinic. Fortunately we do offer mobile massage services! Just let us know where, when and what treatment you would like.