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We Offer:

  • Private Health Rebates

  • Remedial Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage

  • Dry Needling

  • Myofascial Cupping

  • Advanced Assisted Stretching Techniques

  • Corrective/Prehab/Rehab Exercises

  • Postural/Rom/Strength/Movement Assessments

  • Plus More & More to Come

Welcome to RemediaTherapy

RemediaTherapy has just opened Feb 1 2023,  providing sports and remedial massage in Yanchep!

So whether you're in Butler, Alkimos or Two Rocks.. If you need a proper remedial massage, be sure to book in with us!

At RemediaTherapy, we treat every massage client, as if it were our only client. We aim to assess and treat the root cause of problems, not just the symptoms. We also educate you on how to help yourself.  Helping you move and feel better for longer, so you can concentrate on enjoying life!

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, gym goers and physical workers usually love our sports/remedial massage the most as we have focused on learning the common problem areas in the active community. From runners knee to shoulder impingements, we've got you! However, don't exclude yourself if you don't classify yourself as a fitness lover.. We can still treat almost all pains and aches!

Why Sports/Remedial Massage?

Don't get me wrong, a good relaxation massage is fantastic and has many, many benefits!

But if you want a massage to deal with pains and aches, or maintenance for your active body to prevent injuries... Then this is where sports/remedial massage comes in.

We assess the issue which quite commonly not where the pain is coming from. Then work on the root of the problem as well as relieving the painful area. If your not in pain and want general maintenance, our first session will usually treat all the most important muscles like rotator cuff, hip rotators and flexors and get a general feel for your body. Then as we get to know your body better, we can manage our time to where your body needs it the most!

Client Experiences

This massage really helped with my injury, Thanks a lot Ivan!

Ray Matillano

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