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Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy/Informed Consent Information/User Agreement



I will provide a detailed medical history in the client intake form. I do not expect the therapist to foresee any current or previous medical condition/injury not disclosed in the client intake form. Remedial massage therapy may help reduce muscle tension, reduce stress, increase muscle flexibility, increase joint range of motion, reduce soreness/pain and increase general well being among may other benefits, however results vary and are not guaranteed. Remedial massage therapy may produce side effects such as muscle soreness, mild bruising, increased awareness of areas of pain, light headedness along with other possible temporary side effects. The therapist does not diagnose illnesses, physical conditions, injuries, prescribe medication, nor perform joint manipulations (joint ‘cracking’, like a chiropractor would), however the therapist can perform join mobilisations (moving a joint through its range of motion to promote an increase in range). During treatment of areas such as to hips, muscles such as the Gluteus Maximus may need to be treated. If during the treatment of any muscle, I am made to feel uncomfortable, I will immediately inform the therapist. The therapist will then look for an alternative method of treating the muscle such as assisted stretching if possible, if not then the therapist will cease treating that muscle.


As a client of Remediatherapy, suitable underwear MUST be worn so the therapist can tuck the towel under.

The following is not a requirement, but should be taken into consideration by clients according to their desired area of treatment.

Depending on the presenting condition and complaints of the client; postural, range of motion, muscular strength and movement pattern assessments will commonly be performed before and after the treatment to track progression. During these assessments, loose clothing can interfere with accurate assessment e.g. assessing scapulohumeral rhythm, knee stability during squat pattern etc. For this reason, females should either wear sports bras in which they are comfortable being seen or tighter fitted, elastic clothing such as gym wear. Males should wear briefs in which they are comfortable being seen in or tight, elastic clothing such as gym wear if they wish to remain fully clothed during assessments. This is important to accurately track progression and determining treatment styles that have made greater improvements on clients.


Remediatherapy requires anyone under the age of 18 to have a legal perent/guardian present during their treatment. The legal parent/guardian must give verbal and written consent prior to treatment.


While RemediaTherapy trusts in its therapists skills, there are possible severe side effects. Common side effects include mild bleeding, mild bruising, soreness (lasting from a few hours to multiple days) and fatigue/relaxation/drowsiness. Due to the possible severe side effects, it is always important to have a knowledgeable therapist with professional training. Severe side effects include nerve damage (temporary or permanent), infection, pneumothorax (‘collapsed lung’), organ puncture, arterial puncture (major bleed). Remediatherapy’s therapists will only dry needle areas in which they are both professionally trained/qualified and confident with the neurovascular mapping of the area. Remediatherapy only uses disposable, single use sterile dry needles once the area has been cleansed using alcohol wipes. Remediatherapy suggests only receiving dry needling from therapists that can name you the major nerves and arteries of the area. If during a dry needling session with anyone, sharp shooting pain, numbness, electric shock sensation is felt, inform the therapist immediately. If shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or other respiratory symptoms occur within 24hrs (disregard blocked nose, mucus), please see professional medical attention immediately.


Remediatherapy only performs manually pumped plastic/glass dry cupping, so there are no risks of infections, burns or anaemia. Possible side effects from this type of cupping include bruising (very common), skin discoloration (uncommon) and discomfort.



The treating therapist will ask for seperate verbal consent prior to different types of treatment. Types of treatment fall into the following categories:

  • Assessments, e.g. Postural Assessment, Range of Motion Assessment.

  • Manual Therapy, e.g. Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Assisted Stretching.

  • Dry Needling

  • Myofascial Cupping

The therapist will not conduct any types of treatment without consent of the client. Consent will be asked by the therapists as spoken casually within the treatment. e.g "we are going to do dry needling now, is that ok?", "Are you ok if we cup this area?", "Can I get you to raise your leg with a locked knee as high as you can?".

RemediaTherapy's therapists will do their best at all times to ensure they have received consent for each individual type of treatment. The therapist will NEVER, under any case, conduct a type of treatment without some type of forwarning. HOWEVER, by filling in and submitting this form, the client HAS GIVEN GENERAL CONSENT to treatment and responsibility falls on the client to deny consent over specific types of treatment.


Information will be kept secure via******



Information Collected By RemediaTherapy - Your Full Name, D.O.B., Email, Phone Number, Address, Emergency Contact Information, Information provided in the Health History Section of the New Client Intake form (Medical History plus details given, Medications being taken at the time of submition plus details given), Submission of forms date/time, Member login Details (email address, passwords, first name & last name), Member sign up date/time, Client Progress Notes, Appointment History including cancellations.



Information collected by RemediaTherapy is mostly information the client has directly given. Information submitted through the New Client Intake Form, Member Sign Up & Booking Form.

Client Progress Notes is recorded information by the therapists, this includes things like clients sensitivity to different treatment types, results of assessments, reccommendations for further treatment, referrals to AHP's, reminders for future treatments etc.

Information which is automatically logged by platform. This includes appointment dates/times, form submission dates/times, sign up dates/times, coupon code usage, messages sent to RemediaTherapy via Wix Spaces App



All information collected by RemediaTherapy will be solely used by Remediatherapy’s therapists to check for contraindications, be able to provide better and safer treatments, better handle emergency situations, contact clients regarding appointments, lost items, self care advice. Occasionally, a mass email may be sent to Remediatherapy’s clients regarding important updates such as but not limited to; change of location, update of this agreement, other major notifications. Contact details provided through the New Client Intake Form/Booking Form will not be used for marketing. Information provided will be kept confidential, viewable by the client and therapists of Remediatherapy via the clients profile.


No information will be sold or shared to any third parties other than a related allied health professional with consent of the client to be able to provide better service as well as all information being viewable by which is the website creator company. Information could be shared with a different third party upon the request of the client or mutual agreement between the client and RemediaTherapy.



At this point in time, RemediaTherapy does not use Email marketing, however, would request permission if RemediaTherapy does intend to begin using email marketing. All marketing is performed through Wix Spaces Application as well as paid advertising, facebook posts, pop-up stands, flyers etc.

RemediaTherapy is able to be contacted via:

Email -

Mobile - 0499 611 659

through Wix Spaces Application Messages

Post - Office 1/128 yanchep beach rd,

Yanchep 6035 WA



Information Retrieval - RemediaTherapy can provide all information collected from you upon request. This may take up to a week to process, however will be done as soon as possible by RemediaTherapy. The information will be given in the format sent by, It is the responsibility of the client to have/obtain the necessary program to read the files.

Information Destruction - RemediaTherapy can destroy all information collected of you at request. This may take up to a week to process, however will be done as soon as possible by RemediaTherapy.

If either of the above retrieval/destruction is needed/wanted by the client. Please Contact RemediaTherapy via:

Email -

Mobile - 0499 611 659

through Wix Spaces Application Messages

Post - Office 1/128 yanchep beach rd,

Yanchep 6035 WA



​Privacy & Policy updates can occur without any notice. However RemediaTherapy desires client satisfaction at all times. If Major updates occur, an email will be sent out to all clients/members. If minor update occurs, no notification will be given. This will be determined by RemediaTherapy whether or not the update is regarded as Major or Minor. An update will be regarded as major if RemediaTherapy thinks the clients would want to know about it.

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