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RemediaTherapy, Remedial Massage, Techniques & Services

Here at RemediaTherapy we aim to provide top quality Remedial Massages in Yanchep, with our focus being on our technique and skill development to aid people in moving optimally and pain free. Whether it’s at the gym, running a marathon, or simply living your day to day life. We aim to help you do this pain free! The techniques and services provided are further down this page in tabs.

Remedial Massage encapsulates a wide array of Manual release techniques, from trigger point release to lymphatic drainage, from types of partner assisted stretching to strengthening via rehab exercises among many, many other things. These work together to aid in muscle tension release, balancing out tensions on a joint, reducing pain, increasing range of motion and aiding in muscle/joint control. All services and techniques we currently offer are listed in the tabs above, we aim to develop and add new techniques constantly!

What can you expect when you come to RemediaTherapy? Most commonly, our first session will start off by assessing the issues you're experiencing. Let’s say your shoulder hurts, we will assess its range of motion, its strength through different movements, where it hurts during what movement as well as asking what your day to day life entails. This is all to get a better understanding as to what is happening and to be able to better help you. Depending on the issues, we will re-assess at the end of a specific technique used, at the end of a treatment and/or at the end of a group of sessions to track progression and effectiveness of our sessions. During the sessions we will use a wide range of techniques to tackle the problem. While we are treating you, we will usually speak to you about possible stretches and exercises you are able to do in your own time to better address your issues. At the end of our session, we can go through the stretches and exercises we spoke about. Our goal is to maximise hands on therapy and do all the talking during our hands on treatment so we can minimise the time spent showing exercises and stretches.

We believe while Remedial Massage is FANTASTIC at aiding these goals, however, It is only 1 hr out of a 168 hr week that you are living. What you do yourself during the rest of the 168 hrs every week will have a greater impact on your body than the 1hr session we have. Nonetheless, we can greatly help in guiding you as to what to do during the other 168 hrs that will greatly assist you!

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