Remedial Model Application

Use this amazing opportunity to benefit the effects of remedial massage, learn more about your body, the way if functions, get exercises/stretches to help your specific situation,

all at a super cheap price!

We are looking for a few athletic people who are experiencing Pain/Discomfort in their bodies throughout their workouts or feel as if exercise enhances their pain. They must be willing/able to add any prescribed routine to supplement their training, whether stretches, mobility drills, strength drills or muscle activation drills.

If this sounds like you, Read on!

What will happen during the sessions?


The First Session: Will focus on determining and demonstrating to the camera, what is happening with the body, why it is causing restrictions, pains, impingements etc. and what can be done to improve this situation. This will be done via testing of ROM, Strength Imbalances, Postural Assessment & Possibly some functional movement Assessments. This will then be followed by either or both a short treatment and/or exercise/stretch/mobility prescription.

The Second & Third Session: The second session will focus completely on treatment of the issue presented with, you will come in, get ready and treatment start. This may or may not have filming during the session. 

The Fourth Session: This session will start off with a short treatment, followed by retesting of assessments to check improvements. This will have filming to show the progression before and after treatment plan.

From here if you felt like you have benefitted from these sessions and want to continue with more... You can continue at a discounted rate for up to an additional 6 sessions.