Corporate Massage Coming Soon!

The First 5 Corporate Bookings Will Receive A Heavily Reduced Price In Exchange For A Sincere Google Review!

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Our current small team may be able to do corporate massage with approximately 3-4 weeks notice.

We are building up contacts with only quality, professional therapists to be able to handle larger bookings with shorter notice before the service opens up completely.

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Why Corporate Massage?

Reward Your Team The Right Way!

It's Hard To Have Complete Focus On The Tasks At Hand When There Is The Distraction Of Stress, Poor Sleep, Pains & Aches.

We know and You know how much tension accumulates working at a desk day in and day out. Tension headaches, stiff necks and achy backs. These tensions can cause an imbalanced force acting upon joints. If left untreated, this can cause severe health problems in the long term such as disc degeneration, bone spurs, nerve/arterial compression and shoulder impingement along with many other issues. This can affect more than just work life. Taking these issues home can have a negative impact on recreational activities, time spent with their children and quality of sleep just to name a few.

It's Hard To Have Complete Focus On The Tasks At Hand When There Is The Distraction Of Stress, Poor Sleep, Pains & Aches.

Corporate Massage Is The Perfect Solution!

Your Team Is Your Biggest Asset, Treat Them This Way

Let them know they're cared for by rewarding them with what they want and most importantly what they need! By hiring professional massage therapists to target the common problematic muscles of people working at a desk, you'd be amazed at how much can be done in 15 mins. Using a range of techniques such as Trigger point therapy, deep tissue and facilitated stretching, a small team of two professional therapists could greatly help 16 team members in 2 hours!

Reducing Tension Will...

Reduce Pains and Aches

Reduce Muscle Tension

Improve Sleep Quality

Improve work and home life

Improve blood circulation

In Turn, This Will Greatly Heighten Your Teams Focus, Morale & Sense Of Being Appreciated.


As An Incentive To Your Team To Follow Up & Get Proper 1 On 1 Care, Remedia Therapy Corporate Massage Comes With A 15% Discount For All Team Members For The Following 2 Months.

(In-Clinic Treatments Only)


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